Highly inspired by the 80’s and 90’s, IZUBAA is a made to order women's and menswear brand with genderless pieces that specialises in oversized tailored suits. Mixing classic French tailoring with African fabrics such as the Kitenge from East Africa and the Kente from West Africa, IZUBAA is a fusion of cultures promoting diversity, authenticity and positivity.  It is targeted for the ones who dare, the ones who aren't afraid to stand out believing in the power of clothing and style. All our products are made in Rwanda by Rwandan artists with the purpose to offer locals more opportunities expanding Rwanda visibility internationally.


“SUNDAY BEST” or the best outfit you own in your wardrobe. In this collection, the designer finds inspiration going to church on Sundays and seeing how everyone is keeping on their favourite outfit for that special day of the week. We all have that special outfit in our wardrobe, the one that we are so proud to have and to put on; not only to look good but to feel good. It’s that outfit that represents us best, the one that brings us joy and in which we exude joy. This is what Elodie has been drawn to: clothing that has a sense of authenticity, positivity and uniqueness. With a background in fashion styling for over 7 years back in London, Elodie strongly value the power that clothing has on all of us. She has been an advocate for individuality, personal style and wearing clothes that represents us best so we can show up at our best. It is not about wearing the latest trends but expressing who you are through what you are wearing. And this has become the core values of IZUBAA. She then imagines different scenarios / individuals going to church and create a collection for us all. From the business man to the rapper, the fashionista to the cool teen, the African auntie to the young pastor, she wants everyone to feel welcome to put on their SUNDAY BEST for church. A place where everyone should feel free to be themselves fully. Like her previous collection “Journey to Africa”, this collection is full of personality. She plays with colours and prints, autumnal hues such as burgundy and aubergines, gold and terracotta while adding some fresher tones like the apple green for the new Adam and Eve suits. She keeps her love for oversized tailoring and exaggerated shoulders, classic 80s and 90s silhouettes while presenting a new collection that includes her first menswear pieces. She then breaks this collection into 3 categories, menswear, womenswear and genderfluid; creating more feminine silhouettes like the Sunday Gown that closes her show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kigali; a puffy sleeved gown in lilac beautifully wrapped by an original kente cloth in gold and deep purple that feels regal while staying very urban.  Her love for the continent is still portrayed in this collection affirming how deeply rooted in the African soil her brand is. 


In this collection, the designer travels down memory lane drawing inspiration from her childhood surroundings back in Cameroon; from her mother and her aunties incredible 80’s style ( oversized jackets, shoulder pads, cinched high waisted trousers ) to hanging with her big brother and cousin watching 90’s American tv shows, this collection feels like a new take on the iconic Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Elodie has come to question self identity and how each character in the fresh prince has a very specific style and the role that clothing has on people’s identity. Each piece has its personality ; It’s loud, it’s vibrant, it’s bold. Each piece tells a story. A story felt by the person who wears the clothes but also by its viewer.

“Journey to Africa” also embraces her Rwandan culture and her return to the motherland over a year ago where Izubaa was born. She takes us from East to West Africa where she presented her debut collection in Ghana. It’s an invitation to celebrate the beauty of a continent, through the eyes of Izubaa.

Elodie plays with gender and characters mixing both ultra masculine and feminine looks oozing chic style and sass. In the process of it all, while blending different styles, cultures, prints and fabrics, Elodie creates a very unique vision inviting the viewer to think outside the box and to have fun with it ; the approach to clothing becomes different. The experience is more personal and unique while the clothes are designed to uplift and set you free.

IZUBAA presents ' SUNDAY BEST ' -  AW22/23 Video Campaign


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